The Server Rules

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The Server Rules

Post by Mendez_Montana on Sun Jan 10, 2010 4:03 pm

Things you shouldn't do: (You will be banned,kicked,warned)

DM – Death Match

Death Match means that an player starts randomly killing people with no proper role playing reason. (warn, slap kick, ban)

RK – Revenge kill

Revenge kill means when a player who has recently been killed by another player comes back to that player who has killed him/her and revenges their death. They actually kills that player that has killed him in non-RP way. You must wait till some time pass, then you can go to a player, but you must search him in RP way and use /me command for more RP. We punish Revenge killlers in same way as we do to Death Matchers. (ban/kick)

TK – Team Kill

Team Kill mens killing an member of your own faction. We punish with kick or warn.

NJ - Ninja Jacking

Stealing an vehicle with driver in it without any me's or do's.

DDB – Driver drive-by

Driver drive-by is the term which actually explains that a player has shooted another player from a car, motorbike or bicycle from a driver's seat which is forbidden because it is Death Match and it is too easy to kill someone.

Car-park or Car-DM

This means when a player rams you non role playish, in an attempt to park on top of you, without any me's or do's

SK – Spawn kill

Here goes an example: You fight and shoot other gang at your territory near your spawn place. And you die. When you have spawned, you go out again and start shooting again. That's called a spawn killing. Do not do it cause you will end up jailed / kicked / banned.

B-Hop - Bunnyhop

This is a situation when you start jumping like an rabbit to get somewhere faster. In real life you wouldn't jump from an place to another. (powergame)

MG – Metagame

Metagame is a situation when a player for example comes close to another player,,and sees his name. Ex me. Mendez_Montana,and an player comes and says: "Hey Mendez" without knowing my name ic'ly. The name must be found in a RP manner of ways.

PG – Powergame

Powergame is a situation when a player does something that is impossible In Real Lif). Like for example: you are shot 10 times and you keep running around.

Terms you should know:

CK-Character Kill
CK-Car Kill
RK-revenge kill
BH-Bunny Hop
NJ-Ninja Jack
OOC-out side of chatacter
IC-In character
DB-Drive By
DDB-Driver Drive By
SK-Spawn Kill

More adding soon!


1. Do not meta- and/or powergame.
2. Role-play at all times unless you're in admin-jail (see 3., "Server Rules"). Only administrators are allowed to declare a situation to be OOC and/or interrupt an RP event.
3. Do not role-play while in admin-jail, the place is OOC.
4. Do not use any third party cheats, hacks or modifications (such as CLEO), which will give you an unfair advantage over other players.
5. Do not deathmatch (DM); killing another player is alright, as long as you've got a proper role-play reason.
6. No RK,revenge-killing. If you are brutally wounded and no medic saves you (you respawn), your memory will be cleared and you'll forget about the killer In Character. Attempting to kill the killer after you've been killed, without waiting one hour, is revenge-killing.
7. Do not heal during fights.
8. Do not bunnyhop, just cause a bug on the server.
9. Do not jack cars with a driver inside without any role-play. By that it's meant, that you shouldn't just go up to a car that has stopped for whatever reason, press "f", pull the driver out and drive off.
Is called NJ-Nija Jacking
10. Stealing goverment vehicles (PD vehicles, ambulances, SAN vans, taxis etcetera) isn't allowed unless you've got a proper role-play reason. For ex. dont steal an LSPD car only because you dont have an vehicle. (Ask admin in game for permission)
11. Do not use acronyms or abbreviations or smileys such as OMG, Smile, lol, u, ur, w8, lmao and/or smilies In-Character.
12. This is an English speaking server - other languages are only allowed in OOC chats, such as /b, /pme /o.
13. No abusive language towards other players in any OOC-chat.
14. Do not spam chats (IC & OOC) and/or commands (including commands like /fish).
15. No fully capitalized sentences in OOC-chats (/b, /pm, /o).Is annoying.
16. You're allowed to ignore OOC-chats during role-play situations unless it's an administrator talking to you.
17. Driveby as driver is not allowed DDB.
18. Do not abuse dual weapons. You are allowed to use them,but dont spin around in circles while shooting. (run and shoot)
19. Do not AFK for more then 25 minutes.
20. Do not spawn tanks/airplanes/heli's on the street if you are admin.
21. Do not PM admins In-Game with unban-requests, again use the forum.
22. Do not abuse or spam the /report. (abuse = fake reports)
23. Do not try kill an cop when you get arrested. You can atemmpts to run away or simply RP.
24. Do not violate rules because someone else did it against you. For example, don't quit to avoid death because you've been death-matched, instead report it on forums, with screenshots.
25. Quitting to avoid being arrested will get you admin-jailed for the time you'd have had to sit in IC-jail + an OOC punishment time for trying to avoid an arrest.
26. No OOC-scamming/robbing. IC-scamming/robbing is allowed, but not more than $5,000 in a robbery, and not more than $35,000 in a scam.
27. Robbing/scamming of level 1-3 players is not allowed, they need to learn.
28. Do not abuse server bugs, or SA:MP bugs.
29. Using the /rob command without rping is not allowed. ((Use /me & /do))
30. Provoking cops to a chase without a proper IC reason is not allowed (Non-RP).
31. The rapping company's radio isnt for spamming. Do that and you get temporary ban .
32. You do not need to role-play pulling out smaller weapons such as pistols and knives, however, you do need to RP taking out bigger weapons such as shotguns, AK-47/M4, baseball bat & dildo.
33. Racism is allowed in limited forms IC, but a ban-able offence OOC.
34. Do not scam more then 50.000$ or rob more then 10.000$. Unless you have the thief job.
Thiefs are allowed to rob 20.000$ and scam 70.000$
35. Do not organise events in populated areas where people are RP'ing - Without permission from admin.
36. Dont start flaming admins for being kicked/banned/warned.
37. You've got to write a /me (Attempts/tries to hit (''player_name'') with the bat') before hitting the person with the bat.
38. Do not ask high level administrators for admin level,the only persons who are allowed to give admin level is the lead admins,the server owner,or the LS-URP Team.
39. Do not steal our players, or advertise for your own server! - Straight ban!
40. Do not quit when you are frozed/jailed.
41. If you are a cop,and want to pull someone over,dont shoot his car untill it blows, or trying to make it crash, if your alone.
42. Do not kill yourself to get somewhere faster.


1.Do not spam
2.Do not post off-topic
3.Post only in english only.
4.Any kind of pornography on the forums, will be punished, this counts for avatar, signature, and posts.
5.Do not flame players/admins.

Respect All The Rules Above And You Will Be An Sucessful Player
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