Gramy "187" Avenue † Introduction

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Gramy "187" Avenue † Introduction

Post by Dough on Fri Jan 15, 2010 7:36 pm

Gramy Avenue

Los Santos Stories- Urban Roleplay

In the beginning of the '80, the crime increased heavily in the city of Los Santos, especially in the Eastern Los Santos, which include the cities of Ganton, Idlewood, Willowfield, Jefferson and surrounding areas. The gang-related crime raised in the poor districts. Gangbanging, homicides, carjacking and drugdealing raised extremaly. While the goverment seems to avoid all speak on the so-called "Ghetto-riot", the crime kept raising, especially the carjacking and robberies at night, and the murderes and problems between several crime-related factions.

Gramy Avenue

In the beginning of the '90, another illegal, crime-related faction of local thug was discovered in the city of Los Santos.
C.R.A.S.H have been dealing with the so-called "Gramy Avenue boys" for about a half year, without luck.
Several groups of people from the neighbourhood have been arrested for carjacking, robberies and homicides.
Taxi-drivers refuses to drive through the surrounding neighbourhood, people avoid contacts with the boys at night
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