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» IC - In Character

This is a roleplay server, normally you are not just another human, sitting at your computer playing a game. You play a character and try and emulate life. If you want to speak IC, there are a few different ways to do it.

To speak to other characters nearby, you just type normally without any command, or by using "/l <Message>"
• To whisper to other characters nearby so only that person hears you can be done via "/w <Message>" or /low <Message>.
• To shout use "/s <Message>". This extends the range of which you can normally be heard (don't use /s all the time though).
There are other methods of speaking In Character, but you will find these out in game.

Whilst speaking in any of these forms, do not use acronyms or smilies like lol, wtf, omg, etc or :O :S :p - doing so will result in one or all of the following: Admin jail, kick(s) and/or eventually ban(s) from the server.

» OOC - Out Of Character
OOC is used when you are not role-playing, when you, as a person sitting at home/work want to talk to others and NOT your character. Again, there are a few ways to do this.
• Private Message to someone on the server. All you do is find their ID (by entering "/ID <part of name>") and typing "/pm <ID> <Message>"
• Local OOC is done by typing "/b <Message>", this will send a message to players around you, but will include brackets ( ((<Message>)) ) around what you said, to indicate it's not to be used for role-play purposes.
• Global OOC (server wide OOC) is done by simply doing "/o <Message>". The colour of the text for any type of OOC is a different colour, and includes the double brackets to identify it as OOC. However, by default, the global OOC-chat is disabled.

» Separating OOC from IC
The basic rule is, if it's your character saying something use an IC method, if it's you as a person, use an OOC method. Can be tricky to get used to, but it helps the RP along.

NOTE - Do not use OOC information for IC purposes. (Rule 1., "Server Rules")

Also, ID's and /-commands and terms like DMing or things to do with admins are OOC and all of these things above need to be said with /b brackets. Using smilies or acronyms In-Character will be punished with admin jail, if you continue and don't stop, you will be banned.

Guide to starting your new, imaginary life:

1. Use firstname_lastname,no abbreviations or numbers.

» First time IG:
You will first appear in the country side,with an random skin. You can roleplay you way to the city,or pm an in-game admin to teleport you to LS. Or kill yourself. Untill we fix the spawn place you are allowed to kill your self. But of course if there is admin online, ask for permission first.

You have now started your role-play life. To speak OOC [Out of Character] use /b for local OOC or /o for global. For more information about In Character- and Out of Character-chats, read up under the point "OOC/IC INFORMATION".

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