FBI Press Release - Operation Phoenix

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FBI Press Release - Operation Phoenix

Post by Dooks on Sun Jan 31, 2010 11:56 am

Dear Citizens of San Andreas,

We're currently writing in regards to alert you all of the sudden increase in crime around the Playa Del Seville, and El Corona area. The FBI and the LSPD will be working together to try and decrease the crime rate and bring down the so called 'Big people' of the areas.

The FBI and LSPD now have a warrant in which they're permitted to pull over anyone they see in these areas, ir between them, and search the people, and vehicles. The LSPD and FBI are also willing to take in any information from anyone regarding the two gangs. The FBI will be working on getting the more bigger people, whilst the LSPD will be closing off both of the areas, the two law enforcement agencies will be stopping anyone within the premises and searching them for any illegal items. We will also as I said, be searching all vehicles in the area for illegal items.

How can we as citizens help?

As a citizen of the San Andreas state, you can also help us, any information you have regarding what activities or members names in them area,s will be of great use, so if you know ANYTHING, we ask you to come forward before it is to late All information given will be kept confidential aswell. You can also help us by staying out of the area, and reporting the slightest bit of illegal activity in the areas, that'll help us to bring the people down, nice and quickly!

Yours Sincerely,

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Los Santos Police Department.


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Re: FBI Press Release - Operation Phoenix

Post by Ryhes on Mon Feb 08, 2010 8:21 am

**Ryhes Is Looking Around
**Notices That One Of His Biker Members Reads The newspaper
**Ryhes Takes it from him and reads
*Ryhes Says: good luck.. *Laughs*
**Ryhes Throws It back


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