†-Loco's Syndicate-Rules-†

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†-Loco's Syndicate-Rules-†

Post by Mendez_Montana on Mon Feb 01, 2010 9:51 am


Ooc Rules

1. You must listen to the kingpin at all times.
2. Do not start fight with the street gangs,remember we are an syndicate/cartel.
3. Always respect the other members,if you disrespect you might get kicked.
4. You are not allowed to play on two accounts.
5. Respect the server rules.
6. Never do deals without telling the kingpin.
7. Respect the older members.
9. As an outside hand you dont have the right to work for mafia's or other syndicates.
10. Removed
11. Always follow and obey the server rules.
12.Crying,whining ooc'ly in a rp situation is forbidden.
13.You MUST be able to RP an living person,with feelings and all that.
14.Keep /b /o /p at minimum while roleplaying.
15.As an undercover crooked cop,''working'' for us you dont have the right to destroy our faction
17.Do not start turf wars with mafia's whitout the leader's permission.
19.Killing/Beefing with an member of the syndicate for an OOC reason is not allowed.
20.If you have problems with other members,talk to the Kingpin or the Right-Hand.
22.You only can join our faction two times,if you leave the 2nd time you will have to CK and you wont be welcomed back.
23.You can leave us the first time without having to character kill. But in the situation of an fight with an important member and want to leave the faction because of him/other high ranked members we will have to CK you.
24. You are not allowed to destroy vehicles (400K+) of the syndicate members in atemmpt to kill/take revenge on him.
25. Removed.
26.RP at all times,if you get caught Non-RPing/messing around OOCly you will be punished.
27.You need to know that is extremely hard to join us,and if you F*ck things up with one member it will be even harder.
28.Do not ask admins/right hand for high ranking,the only one able to high rank is the leader.
Being high-ranked means you will have an bigger payday and also more respect and the right to use better vehicles and guns.

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