LSS-URP Administration Table

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LSS-URP Administration Table

Post by Mendez_Montana on Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:23 pm

LSS-URP Admin Levels + Job
1 - Helper. Job: They help sort out the minor errors and help maintain and cool down the arguements. (Authority: They can slap only.)


2 - Trial Moderator. Job: There Job is to look out for the Helpers and if the arguements get too much , they can kick people, also there job is to make sure there persistant and active , if they contine to do there job correctly, they will see there self a promotion (Authority: They can Kick,Slap but can not Ban)


3 - Moderator. Job: There Job is to keep a lookout for rule breakers (Example: Metagame, Powergame, Ninja Jack) and they will kick and issue a warning and if the same person continues with permission they can ban. (Authority: Kick + Slap,Warn and Ban with permission(Only if nessasary)


4- Experienced Moderator. Job: There Job is to lookout for the lower ranks + be Persistant + Active, they have earned some respect and can question a admin if there doing wrong but only to a limit, also if there seen making a mistake by a higher rank, they will be issued a 2 warnings before the problem is taken up, but after each mistake the Experienced Moderator makes the admin has to clarify it with the Mod + make it clear not to do it again.
(Authority: They can Kick, Warn, Slap and Ban)


5 - Admin. Job: There Job is to Lookout for the lower ranks aswell as lookout for the server specing players and been unknown, always they issue no warning to hacking its a straight ban, and a Admin is a strict job with plenty of expectations.
You've been made a admin so your pretty high up, its your job you dont ever mess up because you will be issued no minor errors as you should know much better,
Charges: Metagame, Powergame, etc = Warn. If they do it again = Kick
Charges: Hacking, Health Hacking, Speed Hacking, etc = Ban - No Warnings Given , Hacking Is Totaly Unacceptable.
(Authority: They Authority is they can fire Helpers, Trial Moderators once they told the Leading Team Or Owner, if its approved then you can, but screenie the evidence or you may not get your will. You Can Kick, Slap, Warn, Ban )


6 - Experienced JR Administrator: There Job is important, they are one of the most respected admin and they have earned there respect through hard work, dedication + alot of ability to be a good admin.
This Is Rewarded with Acess to the 'HR Meetings' (High Ranking Meetings) - and your classed as a high admin who is respected throughout the server
You are very qualified and you can fire anyone below you with a good reason + some evidence on forums
(Authority: You can fire anyone below you with good reason, but still get evidence and ask for permission as this is a bonus + you may not get what you wish.
You can Kick, Slap, Warn, Ban )

7- Experienced Senior Admin: There Job is to make sure theres no errors in the admin team at all, its there job to sort everything out and make sure theres no arguements between anyone, and if they dont listen to the Command of a Experienced Senior Admin - they will be Issued a warning for not showing respect.
Also They have got Acess to 'HR Meetings' and there voice in opinion is respected.
They also can fire Admin and below with a reason but its not always nessasary to screen the evidence, they can get JR Adminstrators Questioned but not fired.
(Authority: You can fire anyone below you apartfrom JR'S. You still need to ask for permission but no need of evidence as you are trusted,but you are one step closer for being an Lead Administrator. )


8 . Lead Administrator: There job is to keep the lower admins in line,and make sure that everybody fits for the job.They can fire anyone except the Head of Administration.
(Authority:You can fire anyone below you. You don't need to ask for permission,but is better to consult the Owner or the Head admin before taking actions. They can slap,ban,kick and ban without permission)


9.Head of Administration: He is in charge of all the other admins,he can fire any admin without asking for permission. He is usually an old experienced admin.
They can slap,ban,kick,warn and use the other admin commands as they are experienced in the job.
(Authority:You can fire any admin without asking for permission or showing evidence as you are trusted)


10. Owner/Leading Team: The owner and the leading team are the ones who founded the server and are developing it. Usually the Leading Team is made by old members who have been helping the owner since the start. They are having the same role as an co-owner. Never ask for being in the Leading Team as they are an very small group wich recruits members only when the Owner or an Leader feels like someone is very good.
(Authority: They can do everything and fire or ban anyone,they can take important decisions.)

Credits to Dion (for making 1-7),Mendez (8-10),Olivia-made it look better

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