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.::The Lost And Damned MC::. Help Topic

Post by Olivia James on Sat Feb 20, 2010 12:00 pm

If you need help from the Lost and Damned MC, from RPing as a real MC, then look and read here.
This topic will hopefully learn you about The Lost And Damned MC, and how to RP as a MC'er.

1. step; How to join The Lost And Damned MC.

1.1. step; Make an account on the server and the forums, server has to be an role play name, like "John_Smith" or "Victoria_Smith", then you can make an account on forums, it can be what ever you want it to be.

1.2. step; You can now fill out these needs to join the MC; Level 1, own a motorcycle ((Freeway or Wayfarer)), own a leather vest ((RPly)). Then you make application when you filled out these needs. Which you can at; Application Link. You will now get an answer from;
Accepted, meaning you got accepted and can RP with us in game.
Pending, meaning you have to fix your application or something else ((Read further, maybe will be an explanation))
Denied, you're simply denied, make new application in two days, making a new application before the two days have passed, will give you a no chances of joining ever.

2. step; Information about the faction.

2.1. step; This faction is a motorcycle club, also known as The Lost And Damned MC, mostly shorten down to The Lost MC.
Their known sign is an eagle, an eagle represents loyalty, strength, and kingdom. Which The Lost MC, earns in time.
Their symbol is , which shows The Lost, in the top, and MC, in capital letters, under it, and beneath it all, is there an eagle, with its wings spreaded out across the picture

3. step; To RP better as a MC'er

3.1. step; Most people think to be a biker, in RP is just to get wasted and make bar fights. Yes bikers do this, but not only, they do much more, then you gotta look for your work, make your own RP, etc. This step is mostly for The Lost MC members. Our business' are drug dealing, gun dealing and prostitution. You can pick either drug dealing and gun dealing, you don't have to ask me if you can be gun dealer or drug dealer, you decide it yourself, but if you can deal on The Lost MC turf, you have to ask me (The Leader) for. Or else you will get a hard punishment, and of course prostitution, You don't have to act like a pimp, to have "hookers" working for you, just decide a place they are, and then you get some people to pay you, and you pay her like 10-50 percentage of what you earn, doing less or higher of these, will get your a light punishment.

Credits go to Olivia_James & Other forum sites for ideas
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