._:*;The Forelli Mafia Rules:*:_.

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._:*;The Forelli Mafia Rules:*:_.

Post by Wiimatte on Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:50 pm

The Forelli Mafia Rules

OOC Rules

1. Follow all rules of the server/forum.

IC Rules

1. Always lissen to higher ranks
2. If you get orderd to do something, do it and don't question it
3. If you are high rank, don't play around with the lower ranks.
4. Don't you ever! And i mean ever brake an alliance with one of our allies, Could lead to death for you.
5. Don't make war with them we don't know/you know.
6. Always stay cool, don't shout like: COPS! RUN! if the cops come. Just .. stay frosty
7. Respect eachother
8. Try don't beef with eachother, ain't good for the family.
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