Front Yard Ballas Rules and Cultures.

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Front Yard Ballas Rules and Cultures.

Post by Yanzaa on Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:45 pm

This topic shows the Cultures, Rituals and Rules of the Front Yard Ballas.

Front Yard Ballas Greetings


Front Yard Ballas Slangs
What's Crackin'

Enemy gangs diss names    

Grove Street Families = Geek Street
Temple Drive Families = Grave Diggers
Seville Boulevard Families = Bustavilles


1. Dont break any of the server rules, there will be consequences.
2. Always listen to your leaders.
3. Be active as much as you can, if you will be inactive for a bit because of real life issues post in the leaving and absence topic.
4. Go on the forums atleast once a week.
5. If you leave the Front Yard Ballaz you will be forced to character kill.
6. Dont attack enemy gangs without an OG's permission.

Respect all Ballas, if you got a problem with somebody, talk to a gang leader.
Dont snitch to the cops or to anybody else, if we find out, your dead.
Wear your colors with honor, always represent the hood.
If you join the Front Yard Ballas, you cant leave, the only way out is death.
Dont give any kind of info about the set to anyone other then members of the set.
Respect the sets that we are neutral/allied with, dont start any beefs without an leaders permission.
Dont attract any kind of bad reptation about the hood, don't be a busta and dont do stupid shit infront of cops.
Respect sets we are neutral or allied with, dont start beefs without a leaders permission.
Leading Team
Leading Team

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