†-Loco's Syndicate-Introduction-†

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†-Loco's Syndicate-Introduction-†

Post by Mendez_Montana on Wed Jan 13, 2010 5:36 pm

Loco's Syndicate moved from San Fierro to Los Santos because of the problems with FBI and SFPD,here in Los Santos after an bad bussines they falled and the only one who was able to help them was somebody with lots of money. So the one that helped them was Madd Dogg the famous rapper from Vinewood.After 1 year of drug and gun importing from Vice and Liberty the Syndicate members agreed that Madd Dogg should be the new Syndicate Leader,The Kingpin.
The syndicate was hiring corrupt feds and cops who can supply informations and keep them hidden of the law.
They are mostly staying hidden in their place near vinewood.


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